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Principles and Types of Communication

Communications with Shareholders and Capital Market Players

The company’s shareholders have at their disposal quarterly reports on financial and commercial developments at CEZ Group. The reports are published on dates planned and announced in advance. Also, investors are always kept informed, on an ad hoc basis, of all other material circumstances that could influence the share price.

Above and beyond the statutory requirements, the company aims to engage all capital market players in an intensive and open dialog so that each of them has sufficient information to independently assess CEZ Group’s performance and strategy. ČEZ organizes for them:

Financial figures and other pertinent information are also published on the CEZ Group website.

Communications with the Mass Media

Information openness is one of the fundamental priorities of the CEZ Group information strategy. The press spokesperson and his team of coworkers communicate with media representatives, managers grant interviews and answer questions. Also available to the media is the website www.cez.cz with current and archived press releases and a variety of other information on the Group’s activities. Each year, CEZ Group issues a total of approximately 400 press releases, both centrally and in the regions.

Communications with Professional Circles

It is CEZ Group’s intent to be innovative and modern in its business, and to make use of the latest scientific advances. Therefore, we cooperate with professional circles and support science, research, and technical schools.

CEZ Group Electronic Presentations

CEZ Group electronic presentations and communications make it easier for shareholders, customers, and the general public to find the information they seek.

Through its website, www.cez.cz, CEZ Group provides a comprehensive information service, including multimedia news reports. Information on the website is available in Czech and English, with some information in German as well. Selected reports are also published in the Polish language. In 2011, www.cez.cz recorded nearly 2 million visitors, over one half of which were newcomers to the site. According to statistics from Google Analytics, the visitors spend over four minutes, on average, at the site and one third of them come back regularly.

CEZ Group operates a set of websites, with unified design, in the various countries where it has operations. The unique concept of a multilingual web portal based on the Czech website operates at the addresses www.cez.al for Albania, www.cez.bg for Bulgaria, www.cez.hu for Hungary, www.cez.ro for Romania, www.cezpolska.pl for Poland, and www.cez.sk for Slovakia. Other than the last two, the sites also provide a subset of information in the English language as well. The number-one CEZ Group international website in terms of visitorship, with nearly 0.5 million visitors per month, is the Bulgarian CEZ Group site. The sites contain descriptions of the operations in the given country, a listing of local events, and information for customers.

In 2011, CEZ Group also launched the first ever version of its corporate website, www.cez.cz, for mobile devices. The service is optimized for all mobile phones and will be gradually expanded to offer visitors other useful functions.

In addition to the sites mentioned above, the Group also operates the following thematic microsites, which supplement the information on the primary website:

  1. www.cezregionum.cz presents projects through which CEZ Group engages with customers in various regions of the Czech Republic.
  2. www.kdejinde.cz provides information on job vacancies and highlights the advantages of working for CEZ Group.
  3. www.futuremotion.cz and www.elektromobilita.cz introduce visitors to the FutureMotion project.
  4. www.levnyplynodcez.cz and www.cez.cz/etarif inform customers of special offers, and include a practical price calculator.

At the very end of the year, the self-service CEZ Group Geoportal was launched at the address geoportal.cez.cz. By providing grid maps and facility location information, the Geoportal enables builders and engineers to obtain statements regarding the existence of power grid and network infrastructure and other necessary information from the companies ČEZ ICT Services and ČEZ Distribuce.

CEZ Group videos are available at the address www.youtube.com/user/SkupinaCEZ.

CEZ Group also publishes a number of magazines on various topics, the complete editions or on-line versions of which can be found on the Internet:

  1. ČEZ Info, a quarterly magazine for corporate customers featuring news from CEZ Group and the power industry: www.cez.cz/cs/pro-zakazniky/ke-stazeni/magazin-cez-info.html.
  2. Juice (Štáva), a customer lifestyle magazine targeting retail customers: www.stava.cz.
  3. our employee magazine, ČEZ News (11 editions per year), looks in-depth at what’s going on at CEZ Group: www.cez.cz/cs/pro-media/casopis-cez-news.
  4. Dukovany Nuclear Power Station’s magazine, entitled Bulletin (Zpravodaj), is dedicated to the people living in the vicinity of this power plant: www.cez.cz/cs/vyroba-elektriny/jaderna-energetika/jaderne-elektrarny-cez/edu/informacni-centrum/zpravodaj.html, or www.aktivnizona.cz.
  5. Temelín Nuclear Power Station’s magazine, entitled Temelínky, informs its readers on the latest activities and news from around the plant: www.cez.cz/cs/vyroba-elektriny/jaderna-energetika/jaderne-elektrarny-cez/ete/informacni-centrum/temelinky.html, or www.temelinky.cz.
  6. the e-zine Threepole (Třípól) popularizes science and technology with an emphasis on the power industry: www.tretipol.cz.
  7. an information site sponsored by CEZ Group in Hungary, carrying energy- and power industry-related news reports, can be found at: www.energiainfo.hu.
  8. the monthly bulletin Power Industry in the EU (Energetika v EU) keeps its readers abreast of European integration-related developments in the power industry: www.cez.cz/cs/o-spolecnosti/evropska-agenda/bulletin-energetika-eu.html.

For the professional public, we have two sites in the English language: first, a presentation for investors at www.cez.cz/cs/pro-investory/prezentace-pro-investory/ and, second, recordings of conference calls held on days when the Group holds press conferences, available at www.cez.cz/cs/pro-investory/kalendar-ir-akci.html. In both cases, one must first select a year to display the relevant information.

CEZ Group Presentations on Social Networks

CEZ Group is an active participant in the field of social networks. Here, we use Facebook in particular, where we operate five profiles:

  1. www.facebook.com/PracevCEZu presents opportunities for building a career with CEZ Group, both in the Czech Republic and abroad.
  2. www.facebook.com/fandime.elektromobilum presents progress reports on projects relating to the development of electromobility in the Czech Republic.
  3. www.facebook.com/CEZlidem (CEZ for People) was established in 2011 to provide information concerning the Nadace ČEZ Foundation, social responsibility, corporate volunteer work, and other CEZ Group engagement projects in the various regions of the Czech Republic.
  4. www.facebook.com/CEZinformacni.centra publishes reports on what’s going on at CEZ Group power station information centers.
  5. www.facebook.com/CEZslovensko – also newly established in 2011 – is the Facebook profile of ČEZ Slovakia, offering an energy savings calculator along with the opportunity to order gas and/or electricity directly from CEZ Group.

On the Twitter platform, CEZ Group operates at the address www.twitter.com/SkupinaCEZ. CEZ Group uses this tool to distribute press releases, particularly to those who access the Internet through their cell phones.

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