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Employee Charitable Activities

2010 was the fourth year of the “Making Wishes Come True, Thinking of Others” project, in which employees help orphaned children, handicapped people, and newly young people from foster families as well. Nearly 1,000 employees from all CEZ Group workplaces made wishes come true. The project also received support from various celebrities, including sports stars. In 2010, CEZ Group and the Nadace ČEZ Foundation donated a total of CZK 1,154,600 to the project, which was used to purchase things like housing, a new computer, and music lessons – to name just a few. The Sense and Sensibility (Rozum a cit) Foundation became a partner of the project.

“I’m in my second year as an apprentice mason and I really like it. I also want to get certified to work with drywall and scaffolding, and one day I want to make a living at it,” says Martin, one of the project’s beneficiaries from East Bohemia.

In 2011, CEZ Group employees participating in the “Making Wishes Come True, Thinking of Others” project provided support to 30 protected workshops from all over the Czech Republic, donating a total of CZK 425,353, to which the Nadace ČEZ Foundation added another CZK 500,000. The protected workshops used the contributions to help cover their operating expenses; purchase tools, equipment, and materials; and improve working conditions for their clients.

CEZ Group employees also helped in other projects. For example, in 2010 they teamed with the ADRA Foundation to extend a helping hand to people hit by flooding in the Liberec area. In addition to screening the affected area, they did clean-up work and helped with whatever else was needed.

In the spring of 2011, CEZ Group employees initiated a fund drive to help victims of the natural disaster in Japan. A total of 705 employees provided financial donations, raising a total of CZK 574,238. The Nadace ČEZ Foundation provided a matching donation. The cheque for CZK 1,148,476 was presented to the director of the ADRA humanitarian organization. The money went to towns in the Sendai, Fukushima, and Yamamoto areas, where they were used primarily to help senior citizens, people with no relatives to help them, and handicapped people. The money raised in the fund drive helped build temporary housing and obtain school supplies and bicycles for school children who used to attend school in the immediate vicinity of Fukushima and now must commute to schools farther away.

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