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Employee Communications

The objectives of the company’s internal communications are to provide employees with clear, comprehensible information that they need for their work; create an atmosphere of open, frank communication; and encourage employees to be involved and maintain a positive attitude toward the company. For its internal communications, CEZ Group utilizes a wide variety of communication channels:

Profession meetings, whose objective is to facilitate sharing of experience between employees with the same profession but from different regions, have become very popular, as have meetings of employees in cooperating units, which serve to fine-tune cooperation across the Group. Each year, dozens of such meetings take place. They bring added value by reinforcing person-to-person contacts and communication among people who need to work together effectively, even though their respective workplaces are hundreds of kilometers apart.

CEZ Group strives to develop an open dialog between the company’s management and its employees. Members of senior management obtain feedback from employees by visiting them at their workplaces or in settings where they feel best, and use that feedback in their work. Employees can also share their opinions, suggestions, and/or questions though the online application Orange Connection. Answers to frequently asked questions are published on the Intranet and in the employee magazine. At the roadshow, CEZ Group encourages employees to ask questions and share opinions openly. Prior to events, they can send in suggestions for presentation topics and questions for management representatives either through the Intranet application or via SMS. The most interesting topics are treated by panel discussions, which also encourage employees to ask questions. Thanks to these measures, the number of questions and duration of the discussions at the regular roadshows are growing.

CEZ Group also supports informal meetings among employees and events organized for employees and their family members in recognition of their good work. For example, various pre-Christmas events are held.

Another example is the family summer vacation event. In 2011, employees and their families – and younger children especially – were invited to visit the most interesting technical exhibits in the country. This event was partially a benefit for employees, but the principal goal was to support children’s and young people’s interest in technology and the study of technical fields.

Popular employee events include open houses held by the individual power plants. For example, in November 2011 the Temelín Nuclear Power Station Information Center organized an evening tour of the plant for the first time ever. Two tour buses were prepared for participating employees and their closest family members. A total of 87 people – most of them children – boarded the buses. Each of the visitors was treated to a bus tour inside the plant compound, driving right past the generating units, machine rooms, the spent fuel repository, and the cooling tours. After leaving the guarded plant complex, they took another tour through the village of Temelín so they could view the lit-up power plant from afar. The entire tour, including a running explanation by a guide from the information center, lasted just under an hour and made a huge impression, especially on the younger participants. The objective of these events is both to reinforce employees’ sense of belonging, but also to support the upbringing of a new generation of technicians.

In June 2011, CEZ Group conducted an opinion survey among employees to measure their levels of satisfaction and engagement. Since the survey also included measurement of the safety culture, employees of key suppliers who influence safety were also invited to participate. 81% of the work force participated in the survey. Their overall satisfaction reached 92%. Of the overall number of participants, 98% said they liked their job, and 95% said they would apply for a job at CEZ Group again. The results are better than at other companies with which CEZ Group compares itself (a group of 15 companies from Central and Southeastern Europe, power and other industrial companies including nuclear power plant operators). The survey found high standards of corporate culture, internal functioning, and employee care. In all measured areas, including the area of communication, CEZ Group received scores above the market average. Within the framework of managed discussion (in so-called focus groups), issues and areas where CEZ Group had the weakest scores were discussed with employees from various professions and levels of management. The employees clarified what needs to be improved, and how. Subsequently, an action plan was formulated, including a set of measures aimed at improving these weak points. It is focused on reinforcing employee trust, dialog with management, and interdepartmental cooperation. Some of the corrective measures have already been put into practice, and their results are being monitored and evaluated on an ongoing basis.

Another source of information for employees is the “safety portal”, which was launched in 2010. Since then, it has been regularly updated with safety-related information that has a positive influence on employee behavior and actions.

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