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Training and Development

Through its employee development programs, CEZ Group offers its employees a wide variety of activities. First and foremost is the system for ensuring that employees have and maintain the requisite professional qualifications in line with the qualification requirements of the respective job position.

During 2010 we completed a project for implementing modern electronic methods and tools for training and testing employees whose job positions call for electrotechnical qualifications.

CEZ Group’s development programs are capable of being tailored to specific departments, organizational units, and target groups in both professional subjects and “soft skills”. At the same time, they include workstudy programs that enable employees to develop their qualifications in technical fields by studying at secondary schools and universities. For managers, there are special activities designed to improve management skills, such as coaching and leadership programs.

In order to train and educate its employees, CEZ Group utilizes the newest methods and shares best practices. One such tool is the e-learning platform. The e-learning portfolio is continually expanding and currently encompasses over 100 courses in the areas of mandatory training, development programs, and specialized courses in various fields.

CEZ Group pays special attention to training nuclear plant managers. To develop middle managers and their management skills, including leadership skills, 2011 saw the implementation of a training program entitled “ČEZ Manažer”. Managers stationed in generating unit control rooms took part in regular Play Safe courses focused on teamwork and making safe and effective decisions.

In the framework of international cooperation among nuclear plant operators, several support missions took place in 2010 and 2011 in CEZ Group’s nuclear power plants, focused on workflow control, assessments of outages, and self-evaluation. Since 2011, the nuclear preparation department has been intensively involved in a project entitled “Corrective measures ensuing from stress tests and the accident response management program”.

In 2011, specialized nuclear power plant staff training processes were reviewed and evaluated by the international OSART review team at Dukovany Nuclear Power Station and by the WANO Peer Review team at Temelín Nuclear Power Station. Both reviews yielded very good results, including the identification of several good practices that can be put to use in other countries.

Also, a team of experts from the human resources development department is playing a major role in preparing and securing human resources as well as training employees for the planned completion of Units 3 and 4 of Temelín Nuclear Power Station and for Dukovany Nuclear Power Station’s LTO (Long Term Operation) project.

The “ČEZ Leader” program for the Temelín and Dukovany Nuclear Power Stations is now in its second year. The project aims to systematically prepare and develop participants’ individual management potential for possible future assignments to management positions in both nuclear plants.

Nuclear Power Plant Training Centers

CEZ Group has training centers in three locations: at Dukovany Nuclear Power Station, at Temelín Nuclear Power Station, and in Brno. They include full-scale simulators of generating units of both nuclear power plants, which are used to train both our own employees and those of external suppliers. The primary mission of these centers is to prepare employees to engage in activities that are important in terms of nuclear safety. 2011 saw the opening of a Practical Skills Center at Temelín Nuclear Power Station, where several teams provide practical training in selected procedures and manipulations for employees of both ČEZ and its suppliers. The new center is licensed by the State Office for Nuclear Safety.

In conjunction with the CEZ Group human resources development strategy, a knowledge management program has been prepared as a fundamental prerequisite for preserving and properly handling the company’s unique knowledge. This program is currently being piloted in both nuclear power plants. A performance management system is being implemented at the same time.

ČEZ Potentials

The “ČEZ Potentials” program is open to university graduates with technical or economic majors who have no more than two years of work experience. Program participants, who are chosen from a larger pool of applicants, are appointed to specific job positions in CEZ Group companies. Over a period of 12 months they undergo an all-around practical training program designed to develop soft skills, including workshops, coaching, tours of CEZ Group operations, and motivational meetings with top management. The whole time they are led by experienced managers, actively involved in key projects and working on important individual task assignments.

Knowledge Management

Preserving and sharing the experience of experts plays an important role in mitigating risk associated with staff mobility and aging. At the nuclear power stations in particular, this area receives increased attention in view of its impact on operational safety. CEZ Group applies Knowledge Management principles primarily to key expert experience that is not covered by the standard documentation.

In principle, knowledge management helps both to identify significant practical experience and those who possess it, as well as to systemically ensure it is shared and mitigate the risk of its loss. In 2010 and 2011, after implementation of the knowledge management process at Temelín and Dukovany Nuclear Power Stations was completed, the process was expanded to other units in the organization structure. The International Atomic Energy Agency designated the CEZ Group’s processbased Knowledge Management model as a “good practice”.

The long-term objective is to gradually expand the implementation of knowledge management until it is fully integrated into the day-to-day work of all employees. CEZ Group intends to live up to its slogan: “We respect our employees’ knowledge and we know how to work with it.”

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