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Memberships in Organizations

Memberships in International and Domestic Organizations

CEZ Group and its specialists are members of a number of international organizations that deal with climate change issues and technologies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. For example, we are a member of:

ČEZ is involved in the following international research and development organizations and initiatives: VGB, IAEA, and the OECD-IEA implementing agreement. We also participate in several projects within the EU’s 6th and 7th Framework Programs for research and development (e.g. NULIFE, Geocapacity, and CO2EuroPipe).

ČEZ is also a member of three European technology platforms:

As of January 2011, CEZ Group joined the 450 organizations from 40 countries that are members of EPRI (the Electric Power Research Institute). Membership gives us access to a knowledge base encompassing all kinds of different electric power projects and their implementation.

ČEZ is one of the 13 founding members of the Sustainable Energy Czech Republic Technology Platform, where it holds key positions in the Board of Administration and Executive Committee.

Since 2008 our subsidiary, the nuclear research institute Ústav jaderného výzkumu Řež, has been a member of the European Technical Safety Organisation Network (ETSON). Fellow members include the following leading European research organizations: IRSN (France), GRS (Germany), VTT (Finland), and Bel V (Belgium). In late 2009, the subsidiary of Ústav pro jaderný výzkum Řež – Centrum výzkumu Řež – was accepted into the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA), an association of 15 key European energy research organizations.

Another of our subsidiaries, ČEZ ICT Services, is a member of a strong international association of energy-sector companies involved in providing telecommunications services, registered under the 4cE mark.

Czech Republic Quality Council and Quality in the Power Industry Section

In 2010, ČEZ acceded to the Czech Republic Quality Charter, thereby pledging to meet the obligations set forth in that document. The objective of the Charter is to support, in the private and public sectors, the approach to quality formulated in the approved National Quality Policy strategy, develop qualityoriented education at all levels, and support awareness of ethics and morals in society.

In October 2010, ČEZ supported the Charter’s goals by becoming an administrator and founding member of a professional section within the Czech Republic Quality Council, entitled Quality in the Power Industry.

The new section covered a missing segment in the Quality Council’s activity spectrum, and gave rise to cross-segment cooperation on quality in an important field. The new section is beneficial for the National Quality Policy and is a platform for addressing topics of current interest relating, for example, to the influence of human resources quality on nuclear safety in conjunction with the power industry. In addition to the administrator, other members of the Quality in the Power Industry section include, for example, representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, ČEZ Distribuce, ČEPS, PRE Distribuce, ŠKODA JS, I & C Energo, EGP INVEST, the State Office for Nuclear Safety, and others.

The Business for Society Platform

CEZ Group is an active member of the Business for Society platform, working in the platform’s expert groups and supporting the idea of cultivating the business footprint. We are involved, both conceptually and practically, in setting the standards for corporate social responsibility and strategic donorship. CEZ Group recognizes the need for discussion, innovation, collaboration, and sharing of good practices. In the Czech Republic, we apply the international LBG/SOF (Responsible Corporation Standard) methodology to data reports.

CEZ Group is a member of a network entitled “Know-how for a better world”. This is a Czech network of responsible corporations that support the non-profit sector through expert donorship (professional consulting in line with the professional qualifications of individual volunteers, in such areas as marketing, communications, PR, IT, and legal services) and professional Pro Bono services. The network was launched within the Business for Society platform in commemoration of European Year of Volunteers 2011.

Acting both on their own and together, the member companies endeavor to help nonprofit organizations. Their common goal is to increase the societal benefit and effectiveness of corporate volunteering programs as a whole. This is a strategically advanced form of support.

Awards Won by CEZ Group
















CEZ Group international member companies also won awards in 2011. In the “Responsible Business Awards 2011”, the prestigious CSR competition in Bulgaria organized by the Bulgarian Business Leaders Form (Български форум на бизнес лидерите), ČEZ Bulharsko took first place in the category Human Resources Investor (Инвеститор в човешкия капитал). The award was given in recognition of how the company cares for its employees in the areas of OSH, fair wages, and open social dialog. The award was presented to company representatives by the Bulgarian Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Totju Mladenov. In 2011, a total of 65 projects were entered in the competition by leading Bulgarian companies – the biggest industrial enterprises, industrial corporations, and banks.

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