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Social Dialog

For a long time now, CEZ Group has been focused on maintaining good relations with all social groups that are affected in any way by its business, whether in electric power or related industries.

For example, we initiated a memorandum between ČEZ and a group of local governments representing roughly 130 regional mayors. The subject matter of the memorandum was cooperation and sustainable development in the vicinity of Dukovany Nuclear Power Station. The participants signed it at a joint event held on January 19, 2012.

Also very important is communication in the vicinity of Temelín Nuclear Power Station – not just with local citizens and associations, but also with interested parties from Austria and Germany. On September 24–25, 2011, a group of 65 representatives of Germany’s Greens and members of Greenpeace from the Netherlands, Poland, and Germany visited Temelín’s Information Center. 32 of them took a tour of the generating unit control room simulator and the machine room of Temelín’s Unit 1. Each year, around 1,000 people from Austria and Germany who are interested in the future of nuclear power come to visit the power station. That was the theme of the above mentioned visit as well.

“We appreciate the support we have among local residents. We also respect the opinions of people living abroad. Our information center isn’t the only place where we talk with our international neighbors about nuclear power. For example, discussions also take place in the framework of various inter-state consultations during the EIA process concerning completion of the power station,” said Marek Sviták, press spokesperson of Temelín Nuclear Power Station.

International opinions are not the only ones CEZ Group cares about, however. We also endeavor to keep residents living close by our nuclear plants informed, so that they have enough relevant news reports and figures so as not to be vulnerable to possible manipulation on the part of the mass media, citizens’ initiatives, and other entities.

“Hard work pays off – we learned that this summer in the STEM regional survey. For 74% of the residents in the vicinity, our power plant is a guarantee of safety, and even more – 90% – say that it on a par with the best in the world. That is the best result yet, and even the problems in Japan had no detrimental effect. At the same time, it represents our obligation toward the people in the towns and cities where most of us live. Let’s do our work responsibly, with enthusiasm, and I’m confident we will be successful,” said Miloš Štěpanovský, Director of Temelín Nuclear Power Station concerning the survey, which took place in 2011.

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