Stable energy every day

Strong and self-sufficient country, cleaner environment year by year.
That’s our reason for accelerating the shift towards zero-emission energy.

Our vision is to contribute to higher life quality

Stabilní a spolehlivý dodavatel

Stable and reliable supplier

We supply safe, reliable, and positive energy to our customers and the whole country.

Zodpovědná firma

Responsible company

We are developing zero-emission, renewable, and nuclear power sources to become carbon-neutral.

Chytrá zákaznická řešení

Smart solutions

We offer innovative and bespoke energy solutions to our customers.

Péče o zákazníky

Customer care

We are an everyday partner for addressing our customers’ energy needs, contributing to a higher quality of people’s lives.

Why have we launched the Clean Energy of Tomorrow?

To make our country stronger, self-sufficient, and cleaner.

Our plans until 2030

We significantly decrease CO2 emissions

In 2015 we have accepted the commitment of the Paris agreement to become fully carbon-neutral until 2050. But we have systematically lowered our CO2 emissions since many years ago. Year after year we release smaller amounts of greenhouse gasses per each MWh of electricity generated. In 2030 it will be only 0,16 t CO2 /MWH. This is 55 % less than in 2019.


Graf - Emisní intenzita zdrojů ČEZ (tuny CO2 / MWh)


ČEZ emission intensity (t CO2 /MWh)


Until 2030 we will also significantly decrease emissions of other pollutants, such as sulphur oxides (SOX), nitrogen oxides (NOX), and fly ash (TSP).

What have we done already?

  • Since 90’s we have lowered sulphur oxides emissions by 93 %, fly ash emissions by 95 %, and nitrogen oxides by more than 50 %.
  • Second wave of purification of our coal-fired power plants has started since 2000. The goal is to lower all the emissions even further.
  • In 2020–21 we have decommissioned 10 coal-fired power plant blocks.

We invest in building green power plants

Our plans for building new green energy sources are great. Until 2030 we will build 6000 MW of renewable energy sources, primarily solar. We will build them in the locations of the decommissioned coal-fired power plants and other industrial brownfields. Currently, our renewable sources cover the energy consumption of 1 million households. In the future, this number will grow even further.


Graf - Instalovaný výkon obnovitelných zdrojů ČEZ (MW)


Power output of renewable ČEZ sources (MW)


Hand in hand with renewable energy sources we further develop the technology of power storage. By 2030 the capacity of our power storage will increase to more than 300 MW.

What have we done already?

  • In the last 20 years we have more than doubled the power output of our renewable sources.
  • Our renewable energy sources spread over a wide portfolio – we generate energy out of wind, sun, water, and biomass.
  • We have modernized our hydroelectric power plants all around the Czech Republic. We have invested more than CZK 3 billion into it. Our 22 hydroelectric power plants can now make more electricity using less water.

Thanks to innovation we increase electricity generation in our nuclear power plants

Nuclear power plants are the backbone of the Czech energy sector. They are the solid basis of our country’s energy independence and self-sufficiency. Thanks to continuous investments and modernization, the Czech nuclear power plants are in perfect technical shape with perspective of further 2 000 000 MW power output increase. This will bring enough power for more than half a million Czech households. With zero emissions.

Investice do modernizací cca 4 miliardy ročně. Bezpečná výroba přes 32 TWh ročně. Prodloužení životnosti na 60 let

One of our priorities is to prepare a construction of a new block in Dukovany, to act as a replacement for some of the current blocks. We are also following the latest technological developments and we prepare for a construction of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) in the future. With potential total output of up to 1000 MW.

What have we done already?

  • Thanks to continuous modernization and investments we have already increased the output of our power plants by 500 MW. This equals to an output of a single Dukovany block.
  • Czech nuclear power plants save millions of tons of CO2 every year which would be otherwise released if the electricity was generated in coal-fired power plants.
  • We have signed 5 memorandums with companies developing the SMRs. Our subsidiary ÚJV Řež is currently working on 2 original concepts of Czech-designed SMR.

We support e-mobility in the Czech Republic

The importance of electric power in transportation is growing and will continue to do so. We support the growth of both individual and public zero-emission transportation. This not only helps to fulfil our country’s international commitments, but it also makes the air in our country cleaner every day. By 2030 we will have installed 1300 charging stations with four times the charging power versus the current status.


Graf - Počet dobíjecích stanic ČEZ


Number of ČEZ charging stations


We also want to be active in other areas related to e-mobility, such as producing materials for batteries, manufacturing and recycling batteries, or using the batteries for stabilising the power distribution network.

What have we done already?

  • We are continuously increasing the pace of building new charging stations. In 2021 we have opened 110 of them.
  • We supply the electric vehicles with clean energy from renewable sources.
  • We are increasing the number of fast chargers in our network. They now constitute more than 80 % of all our stations.


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